Thermal Modification Technology
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Luxhammar delivers complete wood thermal modification units.

Thermal modification is ecological method to protect wood against Bacidiomycetes. The treatment is based on natural method that makes wood protect itself. It combines thousands of years known phenomenon of improvement of woods decay resistance by heating with modern high technology.

Luxhammar Oy offer 24/7 maintenance and support services for our customers. We provide spare parts or complete replacement units. Standard parts are in stock and ready for shipment.


Luxhammar Business Plan and Outlook

Luxhammar has a valuable licensing business today. Since the award of the patents, the business has started to change fundamentally.

Luxhammar has a very valuable licensing and patent business. The so-called "Stallac Wood" patent describes process and formulas to treat normal wood to create hardened weather and sun resistant wood. This wood after treatment, is even comparable or better than the expensive hard tropical woods that are being imported globally.

The company plans to compete directly with all tropical hard wood varietes and by doing so assist in bringing back the de-forestisation in all major tropical areas. This green initiative is attracting a lot of customer, partner and investor interest.

The income from the licensing as well as the regular kiln production business has been growing steadily over the past more than 5 years.

The company is now planning a global expansion strategy which is comprised of three major areas of investment and expansion:

1. Grow the existing business globally, add distribution and production capabilities in all major countries in North and South America, as well as Asia overall.

2. Acquire forest as well as non-forest territory that can be used to develop the wood feedstock for all major market areas.

3. Expand the licensing business by both licensing / patent business, sell the unique kiln systems and provide wood that can be ideally used for the patented treatment process.

The company has been profitable for many years and intends to re-invest most of its earnings back into the business.




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