Properties of Thermally Modified Wood

The properties of Thermally Modified Wood  has been changed permanently. Thermal Modification improves resistance to decay and to weather, reduces moisture deformations and increases dimensional stability. 

Depending on the modification level of wood Thermally Modified Wood has improved the resistance to decay as well as dimensional stability, lower water absorption and less shrinkage and swelling of the wood. Furthermore Thermally Modified wood results in increased surface hardness and heat insulation. The natural color of the Thermally Modified Wood have been changed into attractive darker shade of colour. Different wood species will get a different darker shade during the process due to their natural characteristics.


Luxhammar Therrmal Modification is suitable for all timber species. Modification level can be chosen according to the requirements of the particular end use. The most common applications for modified wood are exterior constructions such as wall claddings and prefabricated wall elements, terrace floors, garden furniture, window frames, doors, playground, noise barriers and various jetties. Also indoors thermally modified wood can be used for a great number of various purposes such as parquets, wall panels, kitchen cupboards and sauna interiors. It is also suitable for furniture, various accessories and decorative goods. Musical instruments and boats are also being madFurthermore, Thermally Modified Wood has improved heat insulation and a darker shade of color. No impregnant agents are used in the process and therefore, it is best material to use in various applications.

The excellent resistance to decay and good dimensional stability, characteristic of Thermally Modified Wood makes it the ideal environmental friendly alternative in outdoor applications where wood is exposed to high levels of moisture, wetting and chancing weather conditions. With thermal modification you can enhance the natural beauty of wood and add many excellent properties to your products. 






Picture of changed properties.


Tables of properties.